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Announcing the ability score of England player

Announcing the ability score of England player Heartbreaking for the Euro 2020 champions after drawing with Italy in regular time and 1-1 in extra time before suffering a traumatic penalty shootout loss.

England player

Jordan Pickford >> 8

This game is referred to have done an excellent job. There are many saves to help the team. The ball that conceded a goal was really wise. Also came to save up to 2 more penalties as well.

Kieran Trippier >> 7

He was the one who opened the ball beautifully for Shaw to shoot the goal up. Adding a great attacking game on the right side. Plus the defensive game is tough. until being replaced to adjust the system

Kyle Walker >> 7

Another person who plays a great defensive game. Helped the team in many moments a lot. Cut the ball in the last stroke quite well.

John Stones >> 6.5

The first half was in great form. able to manage the offensive game of Italy get in a fist But the second half came to miss a part in the ball that the team lost the goal.

Harry Maguire >> 7

This is the heart of England’s defensive game. do almost everything More prominent in the ball in the air both defensive and offensive It also takes the ball up to open the game itself as well.

Luke Shaw >> 8

The most prominent in the defensive line Score a goal up the lead in a beautiful way. In addition, throughout the game, the ball was brought up in the offensive game several times, and the defensive game was played very tight.

Declan Rice >> 7.5

Controls the game in midfield very well. Both cutting the game, connecting the game, running surging without stopping. until the Italian players were gone for a long time Unfortunately, he was replaced, despite his outstanding performance.

Calvin Phillips >> 7

Coordinating with Rice smoothly But when the partner is replaced Looks like the form will drop a bit. There were 1-2 shots from distance, but still not a goal.

Mason Mount >> 6

This game was pushed up to play as a left wing. but unable to do anything substantially The offensive game has nothing to do with anything.

Raheem Sterling >> 6

It’s another disappointing game. Trying to use speed to drag forward to the Italian defender. but it doesn’t work Meet all competitors to block the way.

Harry Kane >> 7

Helping the team get the goal up to lead. From the ball, Trippier tried to come down to connect the ball, break the ball and make beautiful passes for friends many times. But throughout the game, there was no trigger timing at all.

The substitute on the field

Bukayo Saga >> 7

Try to use agility, speed, attack the Italian defense. But it was quite difficult to break through. And in the end, he missed the last penalty in a very painful way.

Jordan Henderson >> 6

was sent down to increase power in the middle When the team adjusts the playing system But it doesn’t seem to play a role. before being substituted for extra time.

Jack Grealish >> 6

At first, the offensive game was quite noticeable. But after that it’s pretty quiet. There is almost no rhythm to make an offensive game for the team.