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IOC chooses Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics

IOC Brisbane city, Australia It was chosen to host the 2032 Olympics and is Australia’s third city. That organized the greatest sport of mankind

The 138th International Olympic Committee General Meeting was held at the Okura Hotel, Tokyo, Japan on July 21, 2021. Chair by IOC President Thomas Bach. Normal Set up separate tables, individually. With an important agenda in choosing the host city for the 35th Olympic Games 2032. Which is approve by the Australian city of Brisbane. host at that time According to the new IOC selection system.

By the new system of the IOC In choosing to host the Olympics 2032 . The IOC wants to simplify the host selection process. By reducing the cost of presenting the host After the previous times. They had to compete fiercely. Excessive bid budget Sometimes there has been some lobbying, but now that is primarily base on readiness. Whoever has everything ready for IOC needs will be consider. As is the case with Brisbane. showing readiness in every aspect from the beginning

Brisbane is the third city in Australia. That organize the greatest sport of mankind Following Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000. In addition to the Olympic Games, Brisbane will also host the Paralympic Games. Together with The preliminary dates for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics. That will take place between 23 July–8 August and the Brisbane 2032. Paralympics will take place from 24 August–5 September 2032.