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Phoenix Suns defeat the Clippers 104-103

Deondre Ayton, the number one center of the Phoenix Suns team, dunk off the game with a win over the Los Angeles Clippers 104-103.

On June 23, ’64 NBA basketball championship, west coast, match 2, the team “Phoenix Suns”. Who had the advantage won in the first match. Open home to welcome the “Los Angeles Clippers” who want to win away from home in this round to breathe.

On the “Suns” side, despite the lack of big brother Chris Paul in the team due to quarantine. But Devin Booker’s form is still hot, hitting 40 points in the game. It’s the core of today’s home battle.

As for the “Clippers” who form after the absence of “Cawai Leonard” after a knee injury The hope of the team depends on “Paul George” to throttle out of good form or not.

Open the first quarter game “Sans” as the host greets before leading 25-22.

Later, the second quarter, “Clippers”, not inferior, chasing up the whole quarter. But could not overtake, ending the first half, “Phoenix Suns” led “L.A. Clippers” 48-47.

Then in the third quarter, “Sans” tried to move the gap. But come to the dark at the end Still leading at 75-71

Until the last quarter, the “Clippers” began to accelerate hard. Turned up to overtake at the end of the quarter. But like the sky bullying, “George” misses the chance to win. Missed 2 penalties in a row before “Sans” opened the ball behind the “Clippers” hoop and then “Eyton” dunked the ball to close the game. in less than 1 second remaining 

At the end of the game, the Phoenix Suns narrowly defeat the Los Angeles Clippers, giving the Suns a 2-0 lead in the series. At the Clippers’ house on 25 June 64

For “Phoenix Suns”, “Cameron Payne”, a dance reserve guard, scored the most points with 29 points and 9 assists, while the “Los Angeles Clippers” Still not very good, “Paul George” made 26 points.