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Tomori has advised Tammy to move to Roma

AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori has revealed that he recommended Tammy Abraham to Roma last summer.

         The two grew up together in the Blues’ academy before joining the senior team in 2016 as well, although during. That time they were constantly being loan out to other teams. but considered well known ufabet.

         Tomori and Abraham have moved to Italy this season, with Tomori coming to San Francisco. Zero has been on loan since January 2021 before leaving the club this season. Which is say to be the one who recommend Abraham to play with Roma.

         “When he said Roma’s offer was on the table, I said, ‘Brother, this is a good league’. I felt it would greatly improve his game,” Tomori said.

         “He’s scored a lot of goals this season for Roma, they fight for the Champions League space, of course it helps him and I’m commenting on Serie A. Ah, because he enjoyed himself a lot in the first six months.”

         As for his absence from the England squad, Tomori said: “There are already a lot of high-performing players in my position – Maguire, Stones, Coady, Mings, White. At Arsenal – and positions are limited.”

         “I just have to make sure I play at a high level. And when I was summon to make sure it’s fully prepared I focus on what I do here in Milan first and foremost.”