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UEFA to cancel the countries hosting Euro 2020

UEFA to cancel the countries hosting Euro 2020. Alexandre Ceferin, president of the European Football Federation (UEFA), has decided to cancel the hosting of the European Championships at the same time. Due to many problems from the ufabet Euro 2020 battle, whether it is the advantage of some nations and travel distance

After Euro 2020, 11 cities were eligible to host, including London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Sevilla, Munich, Baku, Rome, Bucharest and Budapest were previously only one to two nations, but now it seems that co-hosting multiple cities across Europe is not the answer. due to criticism In particular, the fact that many nations have an advantage over their rivals in the group stages of home play.

England, Italy, Spain and Denmark are the teams that have played three home matches in the group stage, while England have the greatest advantage when playing six of the seven home games at the end of the Euros final. The journey that each team travels to race the distance is not equal.

 “I won’t support it anymore.”

“It was an idea that was approved before I took over. I respect that decision. Even though it’s a good guide But it’s hard to put into practice. And I don’t think we’ll ever do this again.” revealed to media such as the BBC

UEFA to cancel the countries hosting Euro 2020. “It’s too challenging, on the wrong track, because some teams have to travel more than 10,000km while some teams only travel 1,000km, it’s not fair for the fans.