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When # Ole Out, will the problem of the Red Devils really end?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was eventually hit by the Manchester United board retire Jensen’s form of play. That must be said that Loi Toi is good.


Finally, the #SaveOle movement had to come to an end. When it couldn’t stand the flow. And Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had to be kick out of the Red Devils’ position as Manchester United’s head coach.

I must say that he is a consultant who is very resistant to the chair. Similar to the leaders of some substantive countries No matter how bad the performance. It is still support by the board.

The Europa League

In spite of measuring the statistics of the team for almost 3 years, a total of 168 matches, won 92, drawn 35, lost 41, scored 323 goals, conceded 198 goals. The winning percentage was 54 percent, but no trophies. To decorate the club The closest was the Europa League double runners-up to the Premier League last season.

Red Devils Executive Board

Red Devils Executive Board There are many chances to change this point. But it’s stuck that the Norwegian coach always has a period of “hell loops” coming around.

From the poor performance, always slipping, losing some, until the position is shake.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be able to bring the team back to win important matches until it becomes the life of himself to be in the next position.

As with the results this season Red Devils fans alike are on rollercoasters all the time. It started with a 5-1 win over Leeds in the first match of the season. They drew 1-1 with Southampton, beat Wolverhampton 1-0, and thrashed Newcastle 4-1 in Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut game.

Ronaldo came back, but they lost to Young Boys since the first game of the Champions League

Everything seems to look good Because Ronaldo came back, but they lost to Young Boys since the first game of the Champions League. Continuing with the alternating loss-win of West Ham, which resulted in the team getting out of the Carabao Cup, but the day before, then losing to Aston Villa at home again, called back into the really bad loop of Solskjaer.

Until reaching the peak It is dangerous during October that Manchester United have a heavy program. and found only works that didn’t catch my eye at all It started with a defeat to Leicester. Losing the record without losing away from home for the longest time until being hit by “Reds” Liverpool 5-0 at home. That’s the game where the #Oleout trend caught the eye the most, and honestly , I didn’t think I’d be able to survive.